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National Academy of Agricultural Sciences 2024

Chairman Desk

I, Adv. Babasaheb R. Deshmukh, welcome you all to Multilogic in Science. As you are aware of that all perspectives of research ought to be developed in the present scenario, and enabling for being better, effective and applicative, ‘Multilogic in Science’ ISSN 2277 – 7601 has been shaping the perspectives of the Research and Researchers. We have founded the journal in the year 2012 with having several stumbling blocks. Since Multilogic in Science’s inception, having successfully crossed the various hurdles encountered on the way of its growth, the journal has grown in intellectual level and strength today, and has become one of the finest educational and social ventures, dedicated to the pursuit of research with knowledge and excellence. I am sanguine that constructive thoughts and valuable contribution towards the journal always will shape into betterment of research. Hence as the chairman, I will be indeed extolled and grateful if this journal will find a play a vital role in your esteemed global database.