ISSN : 2277 -7601

"An International Indexed & Peer Reviewed Quarterly Journal in Agriculture and Sciences"

web-based Editorial Management System

National Academy of Agricultural Sciences 2024

Publication Policy

Multilogic in Science focuses on the publication of scholarly research papers.
The publication area of the journal limits to Agriculture and Science.
As it is an open access journal, the scholarly research papers from the journal are made available free of cost to all researchers, academicians and scientists globally.
The journal has adopted the Web Based Management System for its paper submission. Hence all the stakeholders ought to work online for submission.
Similarly, the reviews and other supportive corrective measures are taken on digital mode. This surely leads towards the academic transparency as suggested by COPE.
The role of researchers is defined during and after the submission of manuscripts. Original research paper, including all scientific and ethical research procedure, is permitted to be submitted for the publication in the Journal and it stands on the part of the concerned author/researcher. The submitted original work ought to have the traits of qualitative references. Any unethical remarks and comments towards defamation and/or any lawful condition and intellectual property and/or plagiarized content.
The role of reviewers is checked on timely basis for the betterment of quality research.
The journal has adopted peer review process which is firmly checked by the editors. The submitted research paper is settled for publication after two Peer Reviewers positive consent as a fundamental segment.
Editors will likewise check the coherence, syntactic utilization and may request resubmission if papers passage ineffectively in these parameters.
Editors will be in contact with the reviewers once paper is sent to them, with intermittent tokens of their due date.
Article appraisal is additionally done after the official procedure is finished before at long last suggesting the paper for the journal.
The utmost preference is imparted on the original work. The withdrawal of any research paper stands in the event of instances of the remarks and comments towards defamation and/or any lawful condition and intellectual property and/or plagiarized content, even after post publication and such declaration is published in its consequent issue.
Retraction and correction are performed after being noticed by editor and/or any other person; it will be published with retraction and correction. It stands obligatory for the author to inform such retraction and correction
All endeavours are done to finish the entire procedure within three months from submission with the first decision on an average done within 30 days to inform the status of their article.
As the journal adopts original and innovative research papers, the rejections rates of research papers are 75 percent while only 25 percent research papers are accepted for publication in the journal.