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"An International Indexed & Peer Reviewed Quarterly Journal in Agriculture and Sciences"

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Aims, Vision & Objectives


Multilogic in Science aims to publish original research in all aspects of Agriculture and Science


The vision of Multilogic in Science is to disseminate widely the latest findings and scientific advances among the scientists, researchers and academicians.


Multilogic in Science is to be a leading source of scholarly research papers through the promotion of research publication.
Multilogic in Science provides publishing platform to researchers and scholars from research and academic field.
One of the important objectives is to make research papers and scholarly articles available free of cost to all users.
The next objective of Multilogic in Science is to create avenues for promotion and publication of research papers about and from social, economically and culturally weakened sections of the society across the world.
Multilogic in Science attempts to make research publication hassle free to ensure sharing of knowledge in due time.